Sunday, March 7, 2010

Online Tasks

1)The things that matters to me in life, are my very own parents, and family. They provide me with a platform for me to share my worries and my sadness, of which no one can do as well as them. They are also a channel for me to be happy through their jokes. Moreover, they are the ones that make up my life. So, how can they not be important? With that, I should not take things for granted, and i'm proud to have supportive and caring family like them.

2) When the first time I started to breathe,

I don't know what's ahead of me.

With both your faces smiling so happily,

I sensed secure when I began to see.

Endless nights I provide to you,

Still you remained strong and caring.

Without fail you managed to pull through,

I recalled this from the memorable sharing.

At a point I believe I should have a say,

But still you insists me to obey.

Although at points I rebelled,

I didn't give a thought of how you felt.

Now I realised the pain you've been through,

taking care of me wasn't the easiest thing to do.

Reflected upon all my previous actions,

The deepest Thank you I give to My Parents.